The past two weeks...

...have been pretty intense... 

1) We did the photo shoot for my thesis (pictures in the previous post)

2) A line sheet was created. 
3) I submitted my collection the next day. The auditorium was abuzz with students and their collections, teachers. The scene was set for the following thesis review week.
4) A website for my thesis was created:

5) I watched the presentations of my peers throughout the week. This is my friend Sarah's presentation. (http://breatheinbeautiful.tumblr.com/)
6) Worked on my portfolio and croquis book. This is a page from my croquis book. Personally, I feel I could have done much more with it. I had lots to show, but edited it down the last minute. 
7) Created a look book for the panelists and teachers. This is a page from the book. 
8) Presented my thesis collection on Monday, April 20th, at approximately 11.30 am, in front of some excellent panelists, who had some insightful comments. I'm thankful for everyone who showed up. 

9) Waiting with bated breath for the results now... I can't wait to find out who the semi-finalists for women's and the finalists for men's are. 


Thesis Photoshoot

Today, after months of passing out at my sewing machine, I managed to pull off a photo shoot for my garments with the help of some important people and the 20 glasses of caffeine-infused drinks.
Location: SVA Photo studios @ 214 E 21 NY

Photographer: Azhar Chougle (www.thedailysunrise.com)
(Great photography student at SVA. His street photography is amazing.)

(My teacher's son who is also the fit model in class)

Here are some candid shots from my very horrible camera. Final shots yet to come!