Marc Jacobs

Jacobs spun quiet magic on the runways of NYFW. The gentle colors mixed just right with the demure textures of silk, fur and molton wool.


'Go Green' Gardening Party

My niece's 3rd birthday party preps are in full swing!

Things I am in charge of:

1) Stitching 60 environmentally friendly tote bags with a 'Go Green' logo printed on. The kids will keep their crafts, potted plants and other goodies in this.

2) Creating 60 picture Bingo cards for the kids to play.

3) Creating Activity Sheets (like in popular family restaurants) to color in. Will feature Dot-to-Dot, Match-the-Columns and other games.

4) A t-shirt with my niece and her favorite actor Ranbir Kapoor (a gift from me).

5) There will be an do-it-yourself ice-cream booth. Went out to buy sprinkles, chocolate chips, candied hearts and choco strands.

6) Personalized keychains (!)

7) The kids will be making refrigerator magnets at one of the craft booths, so bought stickers, glitter and play dough to personalize them.

{my workstation: my sewing machine died, so used an ancient one}
{Some completed bags, sans the logo print}
{Loot from Crawford Market: Glitter, Stickers, Keychains etc}

Boy by Band of Outsiders/ NYFW

Really cool way of menswear-inspired-layering. Geek chic with a twist of that mustard tone. LOVE it; my new NYFW favorite.


NYFW {so far.}

Favorite so far: Rag and Bone

Oscar 2010/ My picks

The Oscars have become so passe over the years. This year was no different, even with the addition of the pity best movie nods. People whining about (500) Days of Summer and Avatar 'actors' being snubbed, while the deserving (costumes for 'A Single Man', Alfred Molina in 'An Education', Diane Kruger in 'Basterds') go unnoticed. Blind Side was not at the same level as Hurt Locker or Avatar to make it into the 'Pity 10'.

I didn’t see what the deal was with (500) Days of Summer. I didn’t think the writing was so original that it deserved a nod– Tom’s lines in the film were classic love-lorn lore. It’s not really in the romantic-comedy genre, but the indie-nerd-romance category.

Freeman and Damon were safe votes at the most and the Academy probably wanted to tip their hats to Clint Eastwood (a luminary in their eyes) and Nelson Mandela . Yes, the South African accent is tough– and Leonardo DiCaprio proved it in 'Blood Diamond'. Basically, nothing new.

Meryl Streep is fantastic in whatever she does. It’s just effortless, and she makes us believe that she really is Julia Child. Not questioning that 'safe' vote from the Academy-- even though she's been nominated 16 times. Diane Kruger… she was pretty fantastic in 'Basterds'.

'Where the Wild Things Are' should have gotten a nomination for Art Direction at least. Beautiful film– maybe they had room for only one childhood book-converted-to-movie (i.e.Fantastic Mr.Fox, which was WAY better in vision and production). And the Academy had the gall to snub Tom Ford (designer extraordinaire) and his impeccable fashion sense for the characters of 'A Single Man'? No commercial-value Colleen Atwood could manage this epic feat.

Despite my bitchiness and criticism, I watch the Oscars every year (last 4 in NY, and woke up at 6 am in the years before, will continue to do so now). And here are my picks for 2010, still quite safe bets taking the Globes, SAGs, Critics and BAFTA's into consideration. Maybe the Academy will pull a fast one and might surprise it's incredibly small TV audience/fans, whichever category has less people. Ha.

Lead Actor: Jeff Bridges
Lead Actress: Sandra Bullock (but really want Carey Mulligan)
Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz
Supporting Actress: Mo'Nique
Writing (adapted): Up in the Air
Writing (original): Inglourious Basterds
Editing: The Hurt Locker
Costumes: Coco Before Chanel (but stupid Nine will win)
Makeup: Star Trek
Music (score): Up
Music (song): the theme from Crazy Heart
Cinematography: Avatar
Visual effects (includes sound mixing, sound editing): Avatar
Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Animated film: Up
Foreign film: The White Ribbon
Best film: Avatar (but really want Hurt Locker)


New DIESEL Kid Collection

FUCK. It's so good. I want a job with them PLEASE.



I was in the 7th grade when I saw my first fashion show on TV. It was Alexander McQueen's; and I remember thinking... genius. Theatrical, but intense on the tailoring. Can't believe the world will be missing out on a true inspiration. Rest in Peace.

...and cool illustrations of course...

Super cool kid's illustrations I found too.

Looking for inspiration for a collection...

These are pictures of kids that I randomly found online. Love the aesthetic, mood and art direction in each shot {click to enlarge}



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