I know it's been terribly long since my last post!

In mid June, I visited my good friend Veronica in Miami. The week-long getaway from work included some dancing, lots of drinking, relaxing days at the beach and of course laser tagging! I did come in last in the rankings, but maybe because I wore a white shirt (not advisable if there are black lights everywhere)... or maybe because I suck at hiding. More importantly, the occasion was Veronica's engagement party to her long-time boyfriend, Saul.

I got back to a hectic office. On a rainy Saturday, we vanned it to Bonnie's parents house in Long Island to shoot the Spring/Summer 2010 look book. The outfits looked great, but the weather put a damper on the schedule, literally.

My dad bought me a new MacBook Pro laptop which came free with an Ipod touch. I also bought the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince computer game. The graphic quality of the Mac is brilliant, but I think the geniuses at Apple should enhance sound clarity. The Harry Potter game, however, is incredibly dull. Waste of 30-something bucks.

I am also lazily looking for apartments--- so if you know anything, let me know!
Plus, am hooked to the show, the Tudors.