Paul Hoppe

Just discovered Paul Hoppe, an illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. Very inspired... love his website... and his illustrations seem to trap energy that finds its way out in color and bold strokes. Great color theory (as seen in 'Hat' a children's book he has illustrated).


Diesel's print ad from F/W 2008



Ok. I never comment on stuff like this. But today, as Taylor Swift began her acceptance speech for Best Female Video or whatever, Kanye West (apparently in a drunken tirade) grabbed the microphone from her. He believed Beyonce should have gotten the award. I felt terrible for Taylor Swift. It's great that someone so young has achieved so much (glad Beyonce pointed this out later).

Having a history of award-show antics, his half-ass hangover apology on his blog was terrible (probably forced upon by his very worried publicist).

Kanye West: the world is NOT your stage. Your opinion does NOT represent the rest. RESPECT your fellow musicians. Sit down and SHUT UP.

US Open

Been watching the US Open Tennis matches at the stadiums and on my laptop.

Upset that Nadal is out, but Del Potro has been playing very well. The Djokovic-Federer match was way more exciting, with Fed pulling out a sexy between-the-legs shot to close out the match. Rooting for Del Potro to win, but it seems tennis is adapting very well to Federer, not the other way round. For women, Kim is my pick. Wozniaki plays only on the defensive, whereas Clijsters has the experience (even though this is her comeback tourney after having the baby) and well-rounded game tactics to win. Really happy to see 2 Indians in the finals of the Men's Doubles. Though Bhupathi-Knowles gave them a good scare, Dlouhy-Paes have been playing consistently throughout this tournament and deserved to raise the silver cup in the end.

I love how tennis has such a large fan base. Fans really do make a difference (Melanie Oudin's 'Cinderella Run', 2005 Agassi-Fed final) and I enjoy reading the positive reinforcement they give their favorites. Unfortunately, with the good comes the evil. YES-- evil. Shocking comments written by the fools of the world; all cowering behind the anonymity that the internet provides. Racist comments towards the William sisters, accusations towards players showing incredible stamina, and plain spite towards the victors that took out their favorites.

Head on over to Youtube/Yahoo message boards to see for yourselves...