My favorite design websites

1) Design Work Life: http://www.designworklife.com/
Why? Peruses the internet for unique design projects, inspiration. Lot of typography.

2) The Cool Hunter: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/
Why? Neatly divided into sections ranging from interiors to advertisements, insanely futuristic take on design, has a special 'Kids design' section!

Why? DIY interior/product projects, love the rustic quality, awesome international city guides with a focus on design! There is a reason that literally every design blog has this as a link.

Why? As the name suggests, for everything cool, not necessarily futuristic or unique.

5) Jak & Jil Blog: http://jakandjil.com/blog/
Why? Sort of a rebel Sartorialist.

Why? It's like design gossip... what people are talking about around the world. Love the weekly snippets, wish the page navigation was better.

Why? Just might edge out GQ on men's fashion. It's not as snobby, and oh what good navigation! Their handbook is fantastic. Very inspiring.

Why? Street trends for kids, has a kiddie Sartorialist page, kidswear inspiration... oh heaven.

Why? Random collection of pop culture from awesome videos to design. Really fun when you're bored.

Why? Because it's fashion for kids. And I like that.

11) Cool kids clothing websites:


Survivor: Marathon

I've been watching a LOT of Survivor lately, shuffling between a Justin Tv channel and a YouTube channel. 20 seasons, over 350 contestants, tons of challenges, Jeff Probst and his copter theatrics... needless to say, I'm a fan.

So I've compiled a list of my top Survivor contestants, in no particular order: (will make a clean edit shortly)

Sue Hawk- The snakes and rats speech in Borneo, and yelling at Jeff in All-Stars

Rudy Boetsch- for his curmudgeony comments

Richard Hatch- the ultimate survivor. Played a brilliant strategy game.

Michael Skupin- for wiping pigs blood on his face after killing it, for yelling 'Kucha!' while being airlifted.

Colby Donaldson- for winning 5 back-to-back immunities and being unbelievably hot.

Big Tom- most entertaining Survivor, and his awesome dance moves.

Rob Cesternino- brilliant student of the game, gets the prize for switching alliances the most

Rupert Boneham- crazy pirate man and his war cries.

Jonny Fairplay- for being the little shmutz that he is. a weasel through and through.

Sandra Diaz- bitchy, loved her comments.

Rob Mariano- the Robfather from Bawston. Played a dirty game, entertaining.

Twila Tanner

Ian- for giving up the chance in the top 2 to redeem his pride.

Tom- the classic hero, and for killing the shark.

Stephanie LaGrossa- for surviving her tribe in Palau.

Cirie Fields- the Queen of the silent game. Brilliant.

Shane Powers-

Ozzy- for being the love child of Mowgli and a mermaid, being super loyal (and super hot).

Yul- Stuck with his alliance and his political strategem.

Jonathan- For mutinying against his tribe. Very vocal.

Parvati- The only female contestant to use her sexuality in the winning way.

Yau man- For being humble. stupid, smart all at the same time.

Todd Herzog- For a fantastic final tribal council with the jury.

James Clement- For talking

Erik Reichenbach- For falling prey to Parvati and the League of Bitches

Bob Crowley- for his fake immunity idol and his buff bow tie.

Ken Hoang- the video games really taught him the game of manipulation.

Coach Wade- oh god where to begin? For proclaiming he's the Dragon Slayer, for his definitely fake stories, for being so gullible in both seasons.

JT- total workhorse, loyal.

Russell Hantz- for burying the machete and going head to head with Rob in one nail biting tribal council.