the coolest thing ever

Today I discovered Chris Kapono's work. She makes these ornate clay-covered journals that sport jewels, leather straps and even a watch! It's like delving into a world of adventure. I'm saving up to buy one. Her blog, Mandarin Moon Art, is listed under my inspirations.


Dinner in New York

Last night, I went to Gobo, an all organic vegetarian restaurant with my friend Heather.
Fresh, healthy, delicious all rolled into one. The menu is insanely amazing. We shared 4 dishes and a bottle of Bordeaux.
Here's my menu pick: Pine nut vegetable medley with lettuce wraps. Yum.


Happy Holi-day!

Holi is the Hindu festival of colors celebrated in honor of Krishna.


Fashion week roundup

Mens' picks: Junya Watanabe (patches and pockets), Rag and Bone (layering, pants), Y3 (fabric)
Womens' picks: YSL (reworking of classics), Jil Sander (flashes of color through), Prada (fabric)
*I still pledge my dislike for Chanel, but I LOVED the clear 'two-way' bag
Childrens' picks: Diesel (always!), Y3 (union suits), Catimini (prints)

(below: Rag and Bone, Jil Sander, Chanel>>>> courtest style.com)



My niece!

Name: Vanshika
Alias: 'Cheeks' Sangla
Age: Approximately 1 year 10 months
Wanted for: Tantrums, destruction of several doll homes
Status of capture: On the loose and dangerous, could be armed with a toy-like weapon
Last seen: At a Hello Kitty themed birthday party. A clever ruse I must admit... :)

Current inspirations...

last week was faeries. this week is woodstock retrospective.


On the Road to Zen...

This Fall collection for boys aged 8-10 was inspired after a journey to a Tibetan settlement in South India.

Here are my sketches:
Look1: flannel plaid shirt with reflective tape applique, paired with patchwork cotton twill pants and a hand knit scarf.
Look2: a hand knit sweater with a cactus intarsia and wooden buttons featuring the large front flap and arm pocket; worn over corduroy separating pants with cargo pocket details, patchwork and reflective tape tabs.
Look3: A heavily embroidered 'map' sweater zip-up hoodie worn over a distressed printed knit tee and denim drawstring shorts. These shorts feature a snap-off pocket, clasp holder and cactus embroidery.
Look4: A fully lined cotton twill button down jacket worn over a hoodie-tee with cycle print and asymmetrical pockets, and green corduroy pants with accordion style snap pockets.
Look5: A quilted vest with reflective tape detail with a full sleeve knit tee with applique and print detail under, worn over deconstructed twill slacks with side and flap pockets.
Look6: A cotton-poly water resistant twill 6-pocket 'trench' coat, with a screen printed 'zen' tee under, over denim pants with rollover hem, reflective tape and back pocket embroidery.

Here are some fitting photos:

The ENK Children's Club Trade Show!

ENK International is a company that hosts trade shows for mens, womens and childrenswear four times a year at the Jacob Javits center in New York City.
This year, for the March show, a few friends and I got guest passes as part of our specialty market training. It was one of the best moments of my time at Parsons.

There were all these great companies selling their Fall/Winter 2009 stuff in wholesale to potential buyers. But before we toured the sprawling inner stall compound, we crashed the fashion show!!

A rock and roll theme, the show featured designs from DIESEL Kids, Bonnie Young (I am an unpaid intern here) and MonnaLisa. I even spotted my boss Bonnie Young in the audience, cheering on her kids who were models in the show. I even met good ol' Benjamin Oliver. He's done work for Bonnie before, and today he was an official Vogue Bambini photographer. We had once lifted a very heavy couch onto the roof of his car for a Bonnie photoshoot.

Then began the journey through the numerous stalls, collecting business cards and rifling through designer clothes for kids. Some pleasant conversation, some hearty note-taking and a banana later, I was out of there after almost five hours of research.

My favorites (where were DIESEL and DKNY??!):
1.Mish Mish
2.Charlie Rocket

Anyhoo. Tons of fun with my friends Esther, Chelsea and Veronica. Much thanks to Francesca Sammaritano and Dean Stadel, our teachers who made this outing possible!



In the excitement of creating my very first blog, I have officially been up all night thinking of what to write about. I spent some time researching other blogs that I found by Googling 'cool blog'.
I thought I'd keep it simple by sharing stuff I find exciting. I love new experiences.

So thus begins my very first post!

I've been watching episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I think is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Danny DeVito joins a cast of four friends who all co-own a bar in south Philly. Trying to make sense of daily life, the gang attempts to solve their problems but serve up some hilarious comedy, 'Sunny' side up.

Since I'm studying childrenswear at Parsons, my section is being given special guest passes to this year's ENK Children's Club trade show at the Javits Center this afternoon. Super excited!

That is a camera phone picture of my building's courtyard. Christmas lights in March! Although, I did see the super take them down this morning.