B/W Fashion Photography. My favourites.

Freja Beha Erichson by Hedi Slimane...

Tom Ford with his model...

And of course... Yves Saint Laurent's 'Le Smoking Jacket' by Helmut Newton. Genius.


Scribbles at SOBO Boutique starting this month!

SoBo Boutique, one of the much needed fashion stores in South Bombay has opened its doors (and minds) to childrenswear. In an industry that is enthralled by womens' clothing, I'm glad this store supports the ancillary trades of mens and kidswear too.

SoBo will now carry Scribbles by Anika, starting with the Fall 2010 line. From October 20th-November 1st, the store is promoting the Festive season, so only my traditional line will be up (and possibly a few dresses). After that, the rest of the collection will be up. Hoping for a good response!

SoBo Fashion Store,
1st floor, Motor House,
Hughes Road.

They have a very regularly updated blog and Facebook page too!

Ps: I very much enjoyed Paani Puri's awesomely graphicisized tees for men and women at the store.



Today I spent the day spying on other local kidswear brands. Saw 2 brands, both traditional wear-- not impressed! Why would a 3 year old boy wear a fully embroidered kurta? He's going to whine till you put out that last diya.

Also designing a dress for my good friend Varsha--it was her birthday in July!

Spring 2011

I've already begun work on my next collection! Theme is under wraps for now, but I can assure you it'll blow your mind. I'm including a capsule newborns/toddlers collection and pondering over a juniors line.
Here's an image to keep you guessing (love the colours!):

Facebook page set up!

Check it out and 'like' it! Thanks to all those who came for the Preview and the Shopoholix exhibition!


My favorite design websites

1) Design Work Life: http://www.designworklife.com/
Why? Peruses the internet for unique design projects, inspiration. Lot of typography.

2) The Cool Hunter: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/
Why? Neatly divided into sections ranging from interiors to advertisements, insanely futuristic take on design, has a special 'Kids design' section!

Why? DIY interior/product projects, love the rustic quality, awesome international city guides with a focus on design! There is a reason that literally every design blog has this as a link.

Why? As the name suggests, for everything cool, not necessarily futuristic or unique.

5) Jak & Jil Blog: http://jakandjil.com/blog/
Why? Sort of a rebel Sartorialist.

Why? It's like design gossip... what people are talking about around the world. Love the weekly snippets, wish the page navigation was better.

Why? Just might edge out GQ on men's fashion. It's not as snobby, and oh what good navigation! Their handbook is fantastic. Very inspiring.

Why? Street trends for kids, has a kiddie Sartorialist page, kidswear inspiration... oh heaven.

Why? Random collection of pop culture from awesome videos to design. Really fun when you're bored.

Why? Because it's fashion for kids. And I like that.

11) Cool kids clothing websites: