Starting my own childrenswear company!

-Working on Fall 2010 sketches
-Business card graphics
-Factory and fabric research

Awesome website for the creatively inclined



Paul Hoppe

Just discovered Paul Hoppe, an illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. Very inspired... love his website... and his illustrations seem to trap energy that finds its way out in color and bold strokes. Great color theory (as seen in 'Hat' a children's book he has illustrated).


Diesel's print ad from F/W 2008



Ok. I never comment on stuff like this. But today, as Taylor Swift began her acceptance speech for Best Female Video or whatever, Kanye West (apparently in a drunken tirade) grabbed the microphone from her. He believed Beyonce should have gotten the award. I felt terrible for Taylor Swift. It's great that someone so young has achieved so much (glad Beyonce pointed this out later).

Having a history of award-show antics, his half-ass hangover apology on his blog was terrible (probably forced upon by his very worried publicist).

Kanye West: the world is NOT your stage. Your opinion does NOT represent the rest. RESPECT your fellow musicians. Sit down and SHUT UP.

US Open

Been watching the US Open Tennis matches at the stadiums and on my laptop.

Upset that Nadal is out, but Del Potro has been playing very well. The Djokovic-Federer match was way more exciting, with Fed pulling out a sexy between-the-legs shot to close out the match. Rooting for Del Potro to win, but it seems tennis is adapting very well to Federer, not the other way round. For women, Kim is my pick. Wozniaki plays only on the defensive, whereas Clijsters has the experience (even though this is her comeback tourney after having the baby) and well-rounded game tactics to win. Really happy to see 2 Indians in the finals of the Men's Doubles. Though Bhupathi-Knowles gave them a good scare, Dlouhy-Paes have been playing consistently throughout this tournament and deserved to raise the silver cup in the end.

I love how tennis has such a large fan base. Fans really do make a difference (Melanie Oudin's 'Cinderella Run', 2005 Agassi-Fed final) and I enjoy reading the positive reinforcement they give their favorites. Unfortunately, with the good comes the evil. YES-- evil. Shocking comments written by the fools of the world; all cowering behind the anonymity that the internet provides. Racist comments towards the William sisters, accusations towards players showing incredible stamina, and plain spite towards the victors that took out their favorites.

Head on over to Youtube/Yahoo message boards to see for yourselves...


I know it's been terribly long since my last post!

In mid June, I visited my good friend Veronica in Miami. The week-long getaway from work included some dancing, lots of drinking, relaxing days at the beach and of course laser tagging! I did come in last in the rankings, but maybe because I wore a white shirt (not advisable if there are black lights everywhere)... or maybe because I suck at hiding. More importantly, the occasion was Veronica's engagement party to her long-time boyfriend, Saul.

I got back to a hectic office. On a rainy Saturday, we vanned it to Bonnie's parents house in Long Island to shoot the Spring/Summer 2010 look book. The outfits looked great, but the weather put a damper on the schedule, literally.

My dad bought me a new MacBook Pro laptop which came free with an Ipod touch. I also bought the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince computer game. The graphic quality of the Mac is brilliant, but I think the geniuses at Apple should enhance sound clarity. The Harry Potter game, however, is incredibly dull. Waste of 30-something bucks.

I am also lazily looking for apartments--- so if you know anything, let me know!
Plus, am hooked to the show, the Tudors.


The Bonnie Young fashion show

Going to the Hamptons in about 6 hours for...
More pictures to come...


My new job

I started working at Bonnie Young yesterday. I interned there from August 2008 to April 2009. Bonnie was at my thesis presentation, and soon called me for an interview after.

She does high-end children's clothing and is based in the SoHo district of New York City. Her collections are regularly featured in publications like Vogue Bambini, WWD, Earnshaw's, Cookie Magazine and Baby Couture. It sells at Donna Karan's Urban Zen, Harvey Nichols, De Groene Wolk and other European boutiques. She has her flagship in Aspen.

I do the production of garments (from creating samples to mass production), work with Bonnie on fittings, shoots and shows and visit factories for embroideries etc.


Static Show, Saks Fifth Avenue, Graduation!

Some wonderful things happened after the Designer of the Year celebrations...

1.My work was displayed in a 'Static Show', an installation showcasing some 40 designers from our graduating fashion class... great exposure (I was mentioned in FWD, WWD, NYTimes and soon to be in Earnshaw's... seen on Getty Images, Patrick McMullen), met tons of industry professionals and members of the press. Too bad I had to stand in my heels all night.
2. One of my pieces is on display at the Sak's Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan! It is in the front and center window, along with fellow Designer of the Year's Robert Fitzsimmons and Azumi Nishizawa.
3. Graduation at school with an after party at Sak's in 24 HOURS! Bought a dress from Macy's.


Cipriani & more

The past ten days have really been a pay off for the past four years at Parsons.

Had a blast at Cipriani, Wall Street (and at the after-party) with my friends and teachers. Super proud of our batch.

Oh yeah, I WON Childrenswear Designer of the Year...!
These are all the nominated designers with the wonderful Simon Collins. The 18 of us showed our collections at Cipriani.
(L to R): Esther, me, Veronica, Sara... all dressed up! My favorite Parsons peeps.


The past two weeks...

...have been pretty intense... 

1) We did the photo shoot for my thesis (pictures in the previous post)

2) A line sheet was created. 
3) I submitted my collection the next day. The auditorium was abuzz with students and their collections, teachers. The scene was set for the following thesis review week.
4) A website for my thesis was created:

5) I watched the presentations of my peers throughout the week. This is my friend Sarah's presentation. (http://breatheinbeautiful.tumblr.com/)
6) Worked on my portfolio and croquis book. This is a page from my croquis book. Personally, I feel I could have done much more with it. I had lots to show, but edited it down the last minute. 
7) Created a look book for the panelists and teachers. This is a page from the book. 
8) Presented my thesis collection on Monday, April 20th, at approximately 11.30 am, in front of some excellent panelists, who had some insightful comments. I'm thankful for everyone who showed up. 

9) Waiting with bated breath for the results now... I can't wait to find out who the semi-finalists for women's and the finalists for men's are. 


Thesis Photoshoot

Today, after months of passing out at my sewing machine, I managed to pull off a photo shoot for my garments with the help of some important people and the 20 glasses of caffeine-infused drinks.
Location: SVA Photo studios @ 214 E 21 NY

Photographer: Azhar Chougle (www.thedailysunrise.com)
(Great photography student at SVA. His street photography is amazing.)

(My teacher's son who is also the fit model in class)

Here are some candid shots from my very horrible camera. Final shots yet to come!


the coolest thing ever

Today I discovered Chris Kapono's work. She makes these ornate clay-covered journals that sport jewels, leather straps and even a watch! It's like delving into a world of adventure. I'm saving up to buy one. Her blog, Mandarin Moon Art, is listed under my inspirations.


Dinner in New York

Last night, I went to Gobo, an all organic vegetarian restaurant with my friend Heather.
Fresh, healthy, delicious all rolled into one. The menu is insanely amazing. We shared 4 dishes and a bottle of Bordeaux.
Here's my menu pick: Pine nut vegetable medley with lettuce wraps. Yum.


Happy Holi-day!

Holi is the Hindu festival of colors celebrated in honor of Krishna.


Fashion week roundup

Mens' picks: Junya Watanabe (patches and pockets), Rag and Bone (layering, pants), Y3 (fabric)
Womens' picks: YSL (reworking of classics), Jil Sander (flashes of color through), Prada (fabric)
*I still pledge my dislike for Chanel, but I LOVED the clear 'two-way' bag
Childrens' picks: Diesel (always!), Y3 (union suits), Catimini (prints)

(below: Rag and Bone, Jil Sander, Chanel>>>> courtest style.com)



My niece!

Name: Vanshika
Alias: 'Cheeks' Sangla
Age: Approximately 1 year 10 months
Wanted for: Tantrums, destruction of several doll homes
Status of capture: On the loose and dangerous, could be armed with a toy-like weapon
Last seen: At a Hello Kitty themed birthday party. A clever ruse I must admit... :)

Current inspirations...

last week was faeries. this week is woodstock retrospective.


On the Road to Zen...

This Fall collection for boys aged 8-10 was inspired after a journey to a Tibetan settlement in South India.

Here are my sketches:
Look1: flannel plaid shirt with reflective tape applique, paired with patchwork cotton twill pants and a hand knit scarf.
Look2: a hand knit sweater with a cactus intarsia and wooden buttons featuring the large front flap and arm pocket; worn over corduroy separating pants with cargo pocket details, patchwork and reflective tape tabs.
Look3: A heavily embroidered 'map' sweater zip-up hoodie worn over a distressed printed knit tee and denim drawstring shorts. These shorts feature a snap-off pocket, clasp holder and cactus embroidery.
Look4: A fully lined cotton twill button down jacket worn over a hoodie-tee with cycle print and asymmetrical pockets, and green corduroy pants with accordion style snap pockets.
Look5: A quilted vest with reflective tape detail with a full sleeve knit tee with applique and print detail under, worn over deconstructed twill slacks with side and flap pockets.
Look6: A cotton-poly water resistant twill 6-pocket 'trench' coat, with a screen printed 'zen' tee under, over denim pants with rollover hem, reflective tape and back pocket embroidery.

Here are some fitting photos:

The ENK Children's Club Trade Show!

ENK International is a company that hosts trade shows for mens, womens and childrenswear four times a year at the Jacob Javits center in New York City.
This year, for the March show, a few friends and I got guest passes as part of our specialty market training. It was one of the best moments of my time at Parsons.

There were all these great companies selling their Fall/Winter 2009 stuff in wholesale to potential buyers. But before we toured the sprawling inner stall compound, we crashed the fashion show!!

A rock and roll theme, the show featured designs from DIESEL Kids, Bonnie Young (I am an unpaid intern here) and MonnaLisa. I even spotted my boss Bonnie Young in the audience, cheering on her kids who were models in the show. I even met good ol' Benjamin Oliver. He's done work for Bonnie before, and today he was an official Vogue Bambini photographer. We had once lifted a very heavy couch onto the roof of his car for a Bonnie photoshoot.

Then began the journey through the numerous stalls, collecting business cards and rifling through designer clothes for kids. Some pleasant conversation, some hearty note-taking and a banana later, I was out of there after almost five hours of research.

My favorites (where were DIESEL and DKNY??!):
1.Mish Mish
2.Charlie Rocket

Anyhoo. Tons of fun with my friends Esther, Chelsea and Veronica. Much thanks to Francesca Sammaritano and Dean Stadel, our teachers who made this outing possible!



In the excitement of creating my very first blog, I have officially been up all night thinking of what to write about. I spent some time researching other blogs that I found by Googling 'cool blog'.
I thought I'd keep it simple by sharing stuff I find exciting. I love new experiences.

So thus begins my very first post!

I've been watching episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I think is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Danny DeVito joins a cast of four friends who all co-own a bar in south Philly. Trying to make sense of daily life, the gang attempts to solve their problems but serve up some hilarious comedy, 'Sunny' side up.

Since I'm studying childrenswear at Parsons, my section is being given special guest passes to this year's ENK Children's Club trade show at the Javits Center this afternoon. Super excited!

That is a camera phone picture of my building's courtyard. Christmas lights in March! Although, I did see the super take them down this morning.